What is Artists In Action?

Artists In Action is an audio coaching program designed to help you take control of your artistic career by bringing the classroom and personalized coaching experience directly to you in a flexible, affordable, and empowering way. Work with top industry career coach, Betsy Capes of Capes Coaching, and learn how to master every area of your business that’s essential to sustaining a successful career in the arts. Why is Artists In Action the best coaching program for actors and artists? and other Frequently Asked Questions about Artists In Action.

Artists in Action is broken down into 3 targeted sections

 Goal Setting &           Time Management


  • Being in Your Business
  • Setting Your Goals
  • Making Your Investments
  • Managing Your Time
*Only available in digital format

Marketing & Networking


  • Knowing Your Market
  • Strengthening Your Presentation
  • Shifting Your Networking Perspective
  • Building Your Networking Game Plan
*Only available in digital format

Inner Balance

  • Identifying Your Inner Critic
  • Taking Care of You
  • Balancing It All
*Only available in digital format
The Complete Artists In Action Experience

The Full Program Includes Program 1, 2 and 3 listed above Plus:

  • A wrap-up lesson on Staying In Your Business
  • Bonus lessons on finances and image from our guest experts
  • The Artist Interview Series: conversations with an eclectic group of guest artists from all areas of the industry, including Tony, Emmy, and Pulitzer Prize Award-winners who share their inspiring stories and advice.

Full Digital Program: $495.00

Full Program w/ CDs + Workbook: $575 + S&H